This tour will bring to life the beats that electrify Detroit. Spend an afternoon in the saddle visiting Detroit’s historic electronic music sites, including the Warehouse District, The Music Institute and the Packard Plant. There will be a stop at Submerge/Underground Resistance for a tour of its Exhibit 3000, a museum and gallery dedicated to preserving the history of Detroit Techno. There is also a record store onsite. We will also venture into Hamtramck for a visit to the site of the venerable Motor Lounge, a stop at Detroit Threads record/vintage shop, and a cup of coffee at the charming Oloman Cafe.
Official event of the Movement Festival.

Ride Distance: 20 miles / Ride Length: 3 hours
Cost: $40/$50 with bike rental
2019 Techno Schedule: 5/24 1pm, 5/25 1pm
Tour Start/Finish Location: Wheelhouse Detroit - Rivertown